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Fresh Bread Pudding Recipe

fresh bread pudding recipe - Pudding is a dish made from gelatin which has rich in beneficial to our health, because the fiber contained in it. One of the functions of the fibers from the pudding is to cleanse the colon, by way of expedited the metabolism. Smoothly metabolism, the body will become more healthy, functioning of digestive tools goes well, so your body fitter, healthier and not easy to hurt. Not to mention the glut of functionality, but is not fattening. To that end, the pudding is highly recommended as a substitutesnack berkarbohidrat high due to its function, and Furthermore the pudding can be consumed as often as possible.

Healthy pudding is made using natural materials, such as pure granulated sugar, nopreservatives, and taste Enhancer. The more natural the ingredients used, the morebenefits increase the pudding for our bodies. Gelatin is made from a type of seaweed gracilaria sp or gelidium sp. Treated with a fairly long process till then into the powder gelatin or agar-agar bars as we often see in the market. Many studies that prove that seaweed is a nutritious food, some of which are the anticancer, antioxidant, prevents cardiovascular, and as a diet food that taste good.

Pudding have different types of color are interesting and have a range of variants that can be dikreasikan with us, so as to make the pudding is the best tactic for fans of healthy foods that are easily bored with the taste, color and shape are monotonous. This time we will mengkreasikan pudding with Fresh Bread that is often made intomeal for breakfast at home. A blend of fresh Bread and Custard bread pudding will be Tasteless.

Fresh bread pudding recipe is one of the creations of food Pudding that is very easyto do and it was still delicious, let alone there are extra Fresh Bread in it which can add special flavor when eating Fresh bread pudding. The suppleness of the puddingand tenderness of Fresh Bread so dellicious taste and so good food.

Healthy food for the present and the adults or the elderly. In addition to healthy, Fresh bread pudding servings of snacks also suitable for various events and suitable also for one of the menu being sold along with a variety of traditional markets, or even as a dessert menu at the restaurant or Caffè.

The food is delicious, healthy and certainly qualified. Let's try to make it yourself at home, we present a Fresh bread pudding Recipes are tasty and practical. You can invite the little one to learn to cook this Lenten bread pudding because it is very easyand practical. Refer to the steps here.

Ingredients To Make Fresh Bread Pudding:

  • fresh bread which has been omitted from a skin as much as 5 pieces
  • as many as 300 ml fresh milk
  • off the beaten egg as much as 3 grains
  • 50 gr granulated sugar
  • margarine/butter were disbursed 30 gr
  • 1/4 TSP vanilla
  • 30 gr pieces of small fruit, raisins, dates, can or other

How To Make Fresh Bread Pudding:

  1. Combine sugar, milk and vanilla in a saucepan, and boil or heat while stirring until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Further input of fresh bread into milk mixture and then leave it on for 30 + minutes until bread is crumbled and soft.
  3. Next steps input whisk eggs and margarine/butter liquid into the mix of milk and bread and then stir-stir until blended.
  4. Prepare a baking dish or cup (up to taste) that's been smeared with margarine.
  5. Broiled for 5 minutes (well after steamed for 5 minutes we can add a sprinkling of cheese, chocolatemeisis, raisins, dates etc).
  6. Steamed again for 20 minutes/up to perfectly ripe (an easy way to find out is/not yet ripe by way of ramming it with a prick of teeth, if not sticky means already cooked).

The process of cooking a simple and practical, it tastes good, and which are beneficial to the body is perfect served as a dessert menu you ataucemilan you to relax with the family. So How to make fresh bread pudding a nice and practical. Please also watch our previous recipe how to make chicken porridge that is typical of Jakarta.

Jumat, 15 April 2016

The Recipe Makes A Cake Steamed Apem Blooming Specials

The cake wet market sold traditional one is cake apem is tender and soft. The cake is a moist cake apem many popular snack is also very easy for us to get. The cake is usually served to guests or for family turns out to be a hungry stomach being Scotch. This cake has a unique shape also has a quite interesting because the blooms resemble roses. You can process apem cake by way of using brown sugar or granulated sugar. Apem has brown sugar cake taste better when compared to white sugar brown sugar cake because apem has its own distinctive aroma. However, if you makethis cake with sugar you can mengkerasikannya with a whole range of colors. However, this sugar apem cake it's not that bad, it was still tasty however the cake apemgranulated sugar are not typical scent of sugar he used and the benefits can be combined with the beautiful color as a rainbow.

The Recipe Makes A Cake Steamed Apem Blooming Specials


2 tablespoons instant yeast
500 gr flour
rice flour 350 gr
granulated sugar 1/2 kg
900 ml coconut milk
salt 1/2 teaspoon
food coloring to taste to taste
pandan leaves 2 pieces (made the knot)

1. boil the coconut milk with the salt together with pandan leaves to boil above a small fire while diaduk-aduk

2. Lift the boiled coconut milk then let stand until cold

3. Mix all the flour with sugar, salt and yeast, stirring until evenly instant

4. pour coconut milk stew that is already cold into the mix the flour little by little

5. Stir-stir the ingredients mixed in coconut milk until the batter becomes thick

6. stir in the food coloring to taste and then mix again until evenly

7. Let the dough for 1 hour until the dough

8. Preheat the mold apem then pour batter into apem

9. close the top of the langseng then wait a few minutes until cooked approximatelyduring 25 minutes

10. Lift the apem and release from the mold and then serve

To get the recipe and how to make Cake Steamed Tender so that Apem have the results a more savory you can add shredded coconut cake served at the moment so that it has a sense of the apem more savory with coconut parutnya.